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Incredible Middles – Triple Chocolate Decadent Cupcakes

Duncan Hines Recipe shared by:
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Moist, decadent cupcakes with a delicious chocolate middle! You only need one box of Triple Chocolate Decadent cake mix to make these fantastic cupcakes. Be sure to top with Duncan Hines Chocolate Amazing Glazes for a truly over-the-top chocolate dessert treat.

  • Hands-On Time: 20 Minutes
  • Total Time: 50 Minutes
  • Servings: dozen
  • Difficulty: Super Simple
  • Rating:


Baking Instructions

  1. Preheat Oven to 350° F. Place 14-16 liners in muffin cups. (Tip: Spray top of pan with cooking spray for cupcakes to release from pan easier.)
  2. Mix batter according to directions. Spoon batter into muffin tin, about ⅔ of the way full. You will have enough batter for 14-16 cupcakes.
  3. Mix chocolate pouch as directed on box. Spoon a heaping teaspoon of chocolate on top of the batter. Do not mix into batter. Allow the chocolate to sit on the surface of the cupcake.
  4. Bake for 21-24 mins. Cupcakes will be golden brown and spring back when touched in center. Allow to cool completely before glazing or frosting.
  5. Top with amazing glaze.
  6. Follow instructions on package to remove paper tab under cap, open cap, microwave and pour. For easy clean up, put cupcakes on a rack, which is sitting on top of a piece of foil, wax paper or parchment paper -- then pour the glaze over the cupcakes.

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double check

double check

Always check that the oven is exactaly at the tempeture indicated. Also dont overbake things its leave it 2 orr 3 minutes but not longer than 4 or it will start to over -cook,and that bottom will burn making it difficult to clean.

Make an even moistier cake

Make an even moistier cake

Depending on how you want your cake, for me i love it extremely moist so instead of adding the water the recipe calls for. I like to put 2% milk and you get an even tastier duncan hines cake

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